Natural egg membrane for joint pain

Egg Shell Membrane for Medical and Cosmetic Applications

Innoyum focused on treatment of waste eggshells into valuable final products such as natural/hydrolyzed eggshell membrane by providing a comprehensive, effective, environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and practical solution to the eggshell waste problem in egg processing companies by using our innovative patented process.

Food waste has become a complex phenomenon attracting the attention of investors for food waste solutions. Eggshell waste is a typical example of product-specific solid and highly spoilage waste problem for poultry industry in food system. Eggshell protein also an alternative protein source for feed and food industry. Chicken Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) is an innovative nutritional product used as a dietary supplement, having the objective of reducing or treating osteoarthritis, other stiffness and pain of the joints.  

The innovation idea based on the specialized in use a tailor-made special form of business model to recover organic food wastes for disposal such as eggshell and provide innovative solution to waste by separating eggshell and egg membrane in a patented and specially designed equipment.

R&D studies are carried out to develop functional products from egg components.


Consultancy and Engineering Services 

We also provide project management and project-based academic consultancy, especially in the processing of eggs and their products.